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Brother PR680W vs PR1055X: A Comparison for Small to Medium Business Owners

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

When deciding between the Brother PR680W and the Brother PR1055X, it's essential to consider the specific needs and priorities of your business. As an expert in commercial embroidery machines, let's delve deeper into the features and specifications of both Brother embroidery machines to help you make the best decision.

Needle Count: 6 vs 10

The Brother PR680W comes with 6 needles, whereas the Brother PR1055X boasts 10 needles. A higher needle count translates to more colours being loaded simultaneously, leading to quicker colour changes and improved efficiency. If your business frequently works on intricate, multi-coloured designs, the PR1055X's 10 needles offer a clear advantage in terms of productivity.

Embroidery Speed: 1000 Stitches per Minute

Both the PR680W and the PR1055X have an impressive embroidery speed of 1000 stitches per minute. This feature ensures either machine can tackle large projects quickly, making them suitable for businesses seeking optimal productivity levels.

Built-in Patterns: 763 vs 944

The PR1055X holds a significant advantage when it comes to built-in patterns, offering 944 options compared to the PR680W's 763. A larger library of designs equips your business with more creative choices to cater to diverse customer preferences and broaden your product offerings.

Embroidery Area: 300 x 200mm vs 360 x 200mm

The PR680W has an embroidery area of 300 x 200mm, while the PR1055X boasts a larger area of 360 x 200mm. The PR1055X also offers an optional jumbo frame with an embroidery area of 360 x 360mm for larger projects. A larger embroidery area is beneficial for businesses that require flexibility in the size of their projects, making the PR1055X a more versatile option.

Positioning Functions: Crosshair Laser vs Live Camera

The PR680W uses a crosshair positioning laser for design placement, whereas the PR1055X relies on a live camera positioning system. The live camera system in the PR1055X provides a real-time view of the design's placement on the fabric, offering greater accuracy and precision when positioning designs.

Lighting: 3 LEDs vs 5 LEDs

The PR680W is equipped with 3 LED lights, while the PR1055X has 5 LED lights, providing better illumination of the workspace. Enhanced lighting can improve operator comfort and precision during embroidery tasks, making the PR1055X a better choice for businesses that prioritise visibility and accuracy.

Warranty: 3 Years (1 Year for Commercial Use)

Both machines come with a 3-year warranty. However, when used for commercial purposes, the warranty for each machine is reduced to 1 year. This provides equal peace of mind for small business owners when considering either machine.

Final Recommendations

When choosing between the Brother PR680W and the PR1055X embroidery machines, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Efficiency and Production Time: If faster production and higher efficiency are crucial for your business, the PR1055X's 10 needles provide a clear advantage.

  • Design Versatility: The PR1055X offers a larger library of built-in patterns and a more expansive embroidery area, making it the better option for businesses looking to provide a wider variety of designs and accommodate larger projects.

  • Positioning Accuracy: For businesses that value precise design placement, the PR1055X's live camera positioning system offers greater accuracy compared to the PR680W's crosshair laser system.

  • Workspace Visibility: The PR1055X's 5 LED lights provide better workspace illumination, ensuring better visibility and accuracy during embroidery tasks.

Overall, the Brother PR1055X is a more advanced machine with additional features that cater to businesses seeking versatility, efficiency, and precision. However, the Brother PR680W may still be a suitable option for smaller businesses with a primary focus on custom lettering and personalised products. Assess your business needs and priorities to make the most informed decision when choosing between these two embroidery machines.

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