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Ricoma SWD 15018S large-area Embroidery Machine

Meet the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S LARGE AREA Commercial Embroidery Machine - a superior addition to the Ricoma collection, expertly designed for entrepreneurs and established businesses keen on expanding their embroidery prowess. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the SWD-1501-8S seamlessly delivers top-tier embroidery creations with a speed and precision that is truly unmatched. It houses an expansive embroidery area of 800 x 500mm (32" x 20") - a feature that sets it apart from the TC model and makes it highly appealing to those seeking more creative room. With its user-centric interface and cutting-edge functionalities, the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S is undoubtedly the choice for those determined to elevate their embroidery output to unprecedented heights.


Ricoma SWD 1501TC-8S

Introducing the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S LARGE AREA Commercial Embroidery Machine - an advanced solution developed to enrich your embroidery operations, be it small-scale ventures or substantial businesses. In this overview, we delve into the defining features, unique advantages, and a few points to consider about this impressive machine.

Versatile Embroidery Capabilities

Equipped with 15 'easy colour select' needles, the SWD-1501-8S has been crafted to facilitate a wide variety of embroidery projects. With a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute (spm), it's prepared to handle high-volume demands while preserving an outstanding quality of work. The most striking feature is its substantial embroidery area of 800 x 500mm (32" x 20"), ensuring you have the maximum space to bring your imaginative designs to life.

User-friendly Interface

The SWD-1501-8S is operated through an intuitive 8" (20cm) HD LCD touch screen, making it exceptionally easy to manage and modify designs. On-screen design editing functions save precious time during alterations. With its multi-language support, the SWD-1501-8S caters to operators from various linguistic backgrounds, simplifying the user experience.

Stitch Memory and Connectivity

The SWD-1501-8S's memory capacity stands at an impressive 20 million stitches or 200 designs, providing generous storage to manage your embroidery projects effectively. With the options for USB or Wi-Fi connections, this machine ensures a smooth integration into your existing network.

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  • Large-scale Design: Unlike its compact counterparts, the SWD-1501-8S offers an expansive stitching field, giving you the freedom to create large-scale embroidery designs. The machine's ability to separate from the stand makes it a suitable choice for on-site operations or extensive workspaces.

  • Comprehensive Accessories: The SWD-1501-8S comes with thirteen hoop sizes and a cap frame system. This comprehensive package guarantees that you have everything you need to commence your embroidery projects right from the start.

  • Thread Break Detection: The SWD-1501-8S is furnished with an automatic thread trimming feature and thread break detection, ensuring minimal interruption to your workflow.

Potential Considerations

  • While the SWD-1501-8S is a powerful machine designed for large-scale embroidery projects, it's important to consider its weight and size when thinking about the space available in your workshop.

Buying Considerations

When considering the addition of the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S to your embroidery arsenal, it's crucial to weigh its expansive embroidery capabilities, user-friendly interface, and large-scale design. Ensure that the SWD-1501-8S aligns with your specific needs in terms of workspace and the types of projects you frequently undertake. With its comprehensive features, versatile performance, and inclusive accessories, the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S might just be the perfect machine to elevate your embroidery business.


Ricoma SWD-1501-8S LARGE AREA
Price (at time of publishing)
Max speed
1,000 spm
Embroidery area
800mm x 500mm
8" (20cm) HD LCD touch screen
Power Consumption

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SWD-1501TC-8S Features

  • Highly efficient with a maximum speed of 1,000 SPM, guaranteeing rapid project turnaround

  • Ample memory capacity, able to accommodate up to 20 million stitches or 200 designs

  • Seamless control and design editing through an 8" (20cm) HD LCD touchscreen panel

  • Uninterrupted workflow with automatic thread trimming and thread break detection features

  • Flexibility in design transfer with both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity options

  • Significantly large embroidery area, catering to extensive project requirements

  • Machine detaches from stand for convenient transportation, perfect for off-site projects or events


Ricoma SWD-1501TC-8S  Large Area FAQ

What type of embroidery projects can the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S handle?

The Ricoma SWD-1501-8S is versatile and designed to handle a wide array of embroidery projects, from finished garments to caps and flat work. With its outstanding 15-needle functionality and an extensive embroidery area of 800 x 500mm, it is adept for both intricate detailing and large-scale designs.

Is the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S user-friendly and easy to operate?

Absolutely! The Ricoma SWD-1501-8S boasts an 8" (20cm) HD LCD touch screen that provides an intuitive interface for managing and editing designs. The machine also comes with a comprehensive kit of accessories and user manuals to ensure you have all the guidance you need to get started.

Can I connect the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S to my existing network?

Yes, the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S offers both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options, allowing for easy integration into your existing network setup. This ensures a streamlined design transfer process.

What type of hoops are included with the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S?

The Ricoma SWD-1501-8S comes with a generous 13 hoop sizes: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 290 x 290, 540 x 360mm, 1 x 810 x 500mm sash frame. This diversity in hoop sizes provides you with the flexibility to manage a variety of embroidery projects.


Does the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S support different embroidery file formats?

The Ricoma SWD-1501-8S is compatible with various embroidery file formats. For a complete list of compatible formats, it is advised to refer to the machine's manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

How should I maintain the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S running optimally. The machine comes with a set of manuals, tools, and parts kit to assist you in maintaining it. Always ensure that the machine is clean and well-lubricated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

What happens if there's a power failure while the machine is running?

The Ricoma SWD-1501-8S is equipped with a pre-sew design tracing feature. Although it doesn't have a specific power failure recovery function, the pre-sew design tracing ensures that your designs are accurately sewn following your specifications.


Are there additional accessories available for the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S?

Yes, there are optional accessories available for the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S to extend its capabilities further and offer more versatility in your embroidery projects. Contact the manufacturer or your supplier for more information about these additional accessories.

What kind of support can I expect if I encounter issues with the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S?

If you encounter any issues with the Ricoma SWD-1501-8S, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or authorised service centres for technical support. Your machine's documentation will provide more specific guidance on after-sales service and support.

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