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SWF MAN 12 Embroidery Machine

Introducing the SWF MAN 15, a versatile and efficient embroidery machine perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Boasting a user-friendly colour LCD touch screen, a compact size, and the ability to store up to 99 designs, this machine is designed to meet the diverse demands of your embroidery projects. Its adjustable sewing field dimensions and flexible design resizing options allow you to cater to a wide range of products and customer requests. To discover how the SWF MAN 15 can transform your business and for personalised advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.



As small to medium business owners, we understand the importance of investing in equipment that delivers efficiency, reliability, and exceptional results. The SWF MAN 12 embroidery machine ticks all these boxes and more, offering a feature-packed solution for businesses looking to produce high-quality embroidery with ease. In this comprehensive review, we'll explore the key specifications, features, and technology of the SWF MAN 12, helping you make an informed decision on whether this is the perfect embroidery machine for your business.

Impressive Performance and Speed

When it comes to embroidery machines, speed is a crucial factor for businesses striving to meet tight deadlines and maintain customer satisfaction. The SWF MAN 12 excels in this department, with a maximum machine speed of 1,000 SPM for tubular and flat embroidery and 900 SPM for cap embroidery. This impressive speed ensures that your projects are completed swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to take on more work and grow your business.

Compact Design for Space-saving Efficiency

Space is often a limited resource for small to medium businesses, making the compact design of the SWF MAN 12 a significant advantage. Measuring 675mm x 640mm x 750mm without a stand, this embroidery machine is designed to fit seamlessly into your workspace without taking up valuable room. Its space-saving dimensions make it an excellent choice for businesses operating in tight quarters.

Advanced Control System and Vast Memory Capacity

Navigating the SWF MAN 12 is a breeze, thanks to its full-colour LCD touchscreen control system. The machine boasts an impressive memory capacity, storing up to 20 million stitches and 99 designs. This generous storage allows you to keep a wide range of patterns at your fingertips, making it easy to switch between designs and cater to various customer requirements.

Flexible Embroidery Options for Versatile Results

The SWF MAN 12 offers versatility in spades, providing a normal sewing field of 360mm x 230mm and a wide-angle cap system with a 360mm x 75mm field. This flexibility enables your business to adapt to different embroidery demands, catering to a broad spectrum of customer needs and expanding your product offerings.

Woman Cutting Fabric
Innovative Technology for Seamless Operations

The SWF MAN 12 embroidery machine is equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance your embroidery experience. Its built-in veneer cutting tool allows for easy badge cutting, while the removable control box offers convenient A/S service. The machine also supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of users.

Key Buying Considerations for Small Business Owners

When deciding whether the SWF MAN 12 is the right embroidery machine for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Efficiency and Speed: Will the machine's speed and performance help you meet customer deadlines and boost productivity?

  • Space Constraints: Does the compact size of the SWF MAN 12 suit your workspace limitations?

  • Versatility: Will the range of embroidery options allow you to cater to diverse customer requirements and expand your product offerings?

  • Ease of Use: Can you easily navigate the control system and take advantage of the machine's numerous features?

  • Return on Investment: Will the investment in the SWF MAN 12 generate sufficient returns by increasing efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction?

In Conclusion

The SWF MAN 12 embroidery machine is an exceptional choice for small to medium businesses looking to elevate their embroidery game. Its impressive speed, compact design, advanced control system, and feature-rich functionality make it a powerful tool for businesses seeking efficiency and versatility. By considering the buying factors outlined above, you can determine if the SWF MAN 12 is the perfect fit for your business's embroidery needs.


Price (at time of publishing)
6,9, 12
Max speed
1,000 spm
Embroidery area
360mm x 230mm
Touch screen
Power Consumption

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Colorful Threads

SWF MAN 12 Features

  • Expanded Memory Size: Store up to 99 designs, with a total capacity of 20 million stitches.

  • Mirror Image Conversion and Design Direction: Rotate designs in 1° increments and create mirror images with ease.

  • Enlarging and Reducing Design: Scale embroidery designs by 1% increments, ranging from 50% to 200%.

  • General and Special Repetition Work: Repeat the same design up to 99 times, or various designs up to 63 times, with the option to modify the angle and mirror during the repeat work.

  • Automatic and Manual Offset: Benefit from both automatic and manual offset functions for convenient frame replacement during embroidery.

  • Origin Return: Ensure precise stitching by allowing the frame to return to its start point during embroidery.

  • Float Stitch Function: Gain better control with needle bar movement in increments of 1, 100, 1000, and 10,000 needles and colour cord without actual embroidery.

  • Frame Backward: Minimise disruptions by moving the frame to the position where embroidery started up to 10 times when the thread becomes cut or falls off.

  • Auto Return after Sudden Power Interruption: Reduce the risk of ruining embroidery projects with the frame automatically returning to the position where embroidery stopped during power outages


How does the maximum machine speed of the SWF MAN 12 benefit my small business?

The SWF MAN 12 has a maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute (spm) for tubular and flat embroidery and 900 spm for QC caps. This high speed enables you to complete embroidery projects efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing turnaround time for customer orders.

What are the implications of the machine size dimensions for my workspace?

The compact size of the SWF MAN 12 (675mm in length, 640mm in width, and 750mm in height without a stand) means it can fit comfortably into small workspaces, making it an ideal choice for small businesses with limited space.

How do the power requirements of the SWF MAN 12 affect my energy costs?

With a power usage of 0.5 kW and a voltage range of 100-240V, the SWF MAN 12 is energy-efficient, helping you to keep electricity costs low while maintaining high-quality embroidery output.

How does the standard lubrication system help maintain the SWF MAN 12?

The standard lubrication system ensures that the machine's moving parts are consistently lubricated, reducing wear and tear and prolonging the machine's lifespan. This minimises maintenance costs and potential downtime for your small business.

How does the colour LCD touch screen control system benefit my small business operations?

The colour LCD touch screen control system offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you or your employees to operate the machine with minimal training. This can reduce the learning curve and increase overall efficiency.

How does the machine's memory capacity affect my ability to manage multiple embroidery projects?

The SWF MAN 12 can store up to 99 designs with a capacity of 20,000,000 stitches, allowing you to save and manage multiple embroidery projects simultaneously. This flexibility can improve productivity and help you meet the diverse demands of your customers.

How do the machine's sewing field dimensions impact the types of projects I can take on?

The normal sewing field for the SWF MAN 12 is 360mm x 230mm, while the wide-angle cap system sewing field is 360mm x 75mm. These dimensions allow you to take on various embroidery projects, from clothing to accessories, expanding your small business's product offerings and customer base.

How does the ability to enlarge or reduce embroidery designs benefit my small business?

By allowing you to increase or decrease embroidery designs by 1% to X or Y axis within the range of 50% to 200%, the SWF MAN 12 gives you the flexibility to customise designs to fit different products or customer requests, enhancing your business's adaptability and competitive edge.

How can repeating the same design multiple times improve my business efficiency?

The SWF MAN 12 enables you to repeat the same design up to 99 times in the X and Y-axis direction, streamlining production when creating multiple identical items. This can save time and increase your capacity to fulfill larger orders.

How does the automatic offset feature simplify the embroidery process for my small business?

The automatic offset feature moves the frame to the offset position after completing work, making frame replacement convenient and reducing downtime between projects. This helps to increase productivity and optimise workflow.

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