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ZSK Sprint 6 Embroidery Machine

Introducing the ZSK Sprint 6 embroidery machine, a robust, compact machine crafted with the advanced features of an industrial embroidery setup. Ideal for professional embroiderers as well as passionate hobbyists, this machine promises superior embroidery designs with impeccable precision and swift execution. Powered by a user-friendly T8-2 control unit and impressive capabilities, the Sprint 6 series seamlessly blends advanced technology with excellent craftsmanship. It stands as an ideal choice for those seeking to elevate their embroidery craft and productivity to unparalleled heights.


ZSK Sprint 6

The ZSK Sprint 6 is a powerful, compact solution crafted to elevate your embroidery creations. In this overview, we'll delve into the key characteristics, unique benefits, and certain considerations of this dynamic machine.

Versatile Embroidery Capabilities

Equipped with 12 'easy colour select' needles, the Sprint 6 is proficient in facilitating a diverse array of embroidery projects. With a staggering maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute (spm), it's primed to handle high-volume workloads while maintaining an impeccable quality. Owing to its smallest tubular arm of industrial embroidery, the Sprint 6 allows you to work on intricate shirt and trouser pockets, setting the benchmark for the industry.

User-friendly Interface

Powered by an intuitive T8-2 control unit, the Sprint 6 simplifies design management and modification. This interface offers logical user guidance and can be operated in 14 languages, making it exceptionally accessible for operators from various linguistic backgrounds.

Stitch Memory and Connectivity

The Sprint 6's memory capacity stands at approximately 80 million stitches, providing ample storage to manage your embroidery projects effectively. With the feature of Windows-based networking, the Sprint 6 ensures a smooth integration into your existing network.

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  • Compact Design: Despite its compact nature, the Sprint 6 offers an extensive stitching field, promising no compromise on your creative aspirations. Its low weight and slim design make it an ideal choice for flexible operations.

  • Comprehensive Features: The Sprint 6 comes equipped with various application and expansion options, ensuring you have everything you need to materialise your innovative designs. The automatic fault analysis and automatic reverse embroidery function ensure a seamless and efficient embroidery process.

  • Low Noise and High Value Retention: Operating with low noise, the Sprint 6 assures a calm working environment. With high value retention and designed for 24/7 production, this machine guarantees longevity and durability.

Potential Considerations

  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and lubrication are required to ensure the smooth running of the Sprint 6. However, with appropriate care and maintenance, you can expect a consistent, high-performance output from this machine.

Buying Considerations

When contemplating the addition of the ZSK Sprint 6 to your embroidery operations, it's important to consider its versatile embroidery capabilities, user-friendly interface, and compact design. Take into account your workspace and the types of projects you frequently undertake to ensure that the Sprint 6 aligns with your specific needs. With its extensive features, flexible performance, and impressive speed, the ZSK Sprint 6 could well be the ideal choice to enhance your embroidery business.


ZSK Sprint 6
Price (at time of publishing)
Max speed
1,200 spm
Embroidery area
460mm x310mm
1160mm x 930mm x 985mm
Full Color Screen
Power Consumption

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ZSK Sprint 6 Key features

  • Exceptional performance with a maximum speed of 1,200 SPM, ensuring quick project completion

  • Generous memory capacity, capable of storing approximately 80 million stitches

  • Effortless management through an intuitive T8-2 control unit with logical user guidance

  • Smooth operation assured with automatic reverse embroidery function and automatic fault analysis

  • Versatility in design transfer with Windows-based networking

  • Compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes

  • The smallest tubular arm of industrial embroidery, enabling intricate design work on shirt and trouser pockets

  • Height-adjustable fabric presser, allowing adaptability to different fabric types

  • Machine built for 24/7 production, offering high value retention

  • Made in Germany, ensuring top-quality craftsmanship and durability

ZSK Sprint 6 FAQs

What type of embroidery projects can the ZSK Sprint 6 handle?

The ZSK Sprint 6 is designed to tackle a broad spectrum of embroidery projects. Thanks to the industry's slimmest tubular arm, it is capable of embroidering shirt and trouser pockets, shoes, leather products, and even car mats. With its 12-needle functionality and an impressive maximum speed of 1,200 stitches per minute, it is ideal for both intricate and large-scale designs.

Is the ZSK Sprint 6 user-friendly and easy to operate?

Absolutely! The ZSK Sprint 6 features the T8-2 control unit, offering intuitive and logical user guidance. This unit, capable of operating in 14 languages, provides an easy interface for managing and editing designs. The machine comes with a comprehensive set of accessories and user manuals, offering all the necessary guidance to begin your embroidery work.

Can I connect the ZSK Sprint 6 to my existing network?

Yes, the ZSK Sprint 6 provides Windows-based networking, ensuring seamless integration into your existing network setup. This flexibility guarantees a smooth design transfer process.

What is the embroidery speed of the ZSK Sprint 6?

The ZSK Sprint 6 boasts an impressive embroidery speed, with a maximum of 1,200 stitches per minute. This high speed, combined with its industrial-strength design and precise components, allows for fast and efficient embroidery work.

Does the ZSK Sprint 6 support different embroidery file formats?

Yes, the ZSK Sprint 6 is compatible with all common industrial embroidery codes, making it a versatile choice for different design formats. For a complete list of compatible formats, it is advised to consult the machine's manual or contact the manufacturer.

How should I maintain the ZSK Sprint 6?

Maintaining the ZSK Sprint 6 involves regular cleaning and following the manufacturer's instructions for any specific maintenance procedures. The machine comes with a set of manuals, tools, and parts kit to assist you in its upkeep. Proper maintenance is vital for the machine's optimal performance and longevity.

What happens if there's a power outage while the machine is running?

The ZSK Sprint 6 does not specifically have a power failure recovery function. However, the automatic reverse embroidery function ensures your designs can continue from where they left off, maintaining precision and quality.

Are there additional accessories available for the ZSK Sprint 6?

Yes, ZSK offers a variety of additional devices and frames for the Sprint series. These add-ons can extend the machine's capabilities and provide more versatility in your embroidery projects. For more information about these additional accessories, contact the manufacturer or your supplier.

What kind of support can I expect if I encounter issues with the ZSK Sprint 6?

If you encounter any issues with the ZSK Sprint 6, it is recommended to reach out to the manufacturer or authorised service centres for technical support. Your machine's documentation will provide more detailed instructions on after-sales service and support.

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