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Happy Japan
HCH-P Embroidery Machine

The Happy Japan HCHP (also known as the HCH and HCH-701) embroidery machine is an entry-level embroidery machine designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It is capable of producing high-quality embroidery designs with unmatched precision and speed. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the HCHP embroidery machine is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their embroidery work to the next level


Happy Japan HCHP/HCH-701

The Happy Japan HCHP commercial embroidery machine is a single-head, 7-colour gem that's perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to expand their embroidery capabilities. We've had the pleasure of using the HCHP, and in this review, we'll share our in-depth experience, focusing on its features, performance, and specifications that make it a fantastic choice for potential buyers.

Effortless Operation with a User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout features of the HCHP is its user-friendly 7" colour LCD touch screen control panel. The intuitive interface made it an absolute joy to access and edit designs, change settings, and monitor the machine's progress. Navigating through the various menus was a breeze, even for those with limited experience in using embroidery machines.

Transferring designs to the machine was incredibly easy, thanks to the standard LAN and USB ports. Plus, the editing function in Happy LAN allowed for quick and simple last-minute adjustments, ensuring that our designs were perfect before we began stitching.

Remarkable Stitch Quality and Precision that captivate

We were thoroughly impressed with the HCHP's ability to produce stunning stitch quality on a variety of textiles, from garments to accessories. The machine's maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute (s.p.m.) ensured efficient production without compromising on the quality of the embroidery.

When working on caps, the HCHP didn't disappoint. Its impressive speed of 850 s.p.m. allowed us to complete cap designs in no time while maintaining excellent precision and quality.

Generous Embroidery Area and Versatility for Unlimited Creativity

The 285x290mm embroidery area provided ample space for us to let our creativity run wild, creating intricate and elaborate designs that left our customers in awe. This generous area gave us the flexibility to cater to a diverse range of customer requests and expand our product offerings.

The HCHP's cap frame options further enhanced the machine's versatility. With the 67x180mm standard cap frame and the optional 67x290mm wide cap frame, we were able to embroider various cap styles and sizes, ensuring that our cap designs were always on point.

Woman Cutting Fabric
Space-Saving Design that Blends Right In

The HCHP's compact dimensions (642mm x 745mm x 734mm) and weight (42kg) made it easy to integrate into our workspace without occupying too much space. The machine's sturdy build assured us of its durability and reliability, even during long hours of operation.

We also appreciated the built-in bobbin thread winder and the standard barcode reader interface, which streamlined our production process and made our work much more efficient.

Energy Efficiency that's Gentle on Your Wallet

The HCHP's power consumption of 200w and 50/60hz frequency meant that it was an energy-efficient option, helping us save on utility costs without sacrificing performance. It's always great to know that our machine is not only producing top-notch embroidery but also being kind to the environment and our wallet!

Our Wholehearted Recommendation

After spending time with the Happy Japan HCHP commercial embroidery machine, we wholeheartedly recommend it for small to medium-sized business owners. Its user-friendly interface, impressive speed and precision, generous embroidery area, and versatile features make it a valuable asset in any embroidery shop.

The HCHP is an investment that can help elevate your business by producing high-quality embroidery products and improving your overall efficiency. So go ahead, give the HCHP a try and let it work wonders for your embroidery business!


Happy Japan HCHP
Price (at time of publishing)
Max speed
1,000 spm
Embroidery area
285mm x 290mm
642mm x 745mm x 734mm
7" colour LCD touch screen
Power Consumption

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Colorful Threads

HCH 701P Software and Input

  • Cross type Laser position marker

  • Touch screen panel

  • 999 patterns memory 40,000,000 stitches memory

  • USB and Mouse

  • LAN and USB connection

  • Editing function in HAPPY LAN/LINK software

  • Compatible files include HAPPY (*.tap), and TJM (*.dst)(*.dsb)(*.dsz)

HCHP Clamps and Frames​​​​​

Stacked Rolls of Fabric
Maximum embroidery area
285mm x 290mm
Wide cap frame
67mm x 290mm
Low-profile cap frame
67mm x 180mm
Shoe clamp frame
60mm x 100mm
Side clamp frame
140mm x 200mm
Manual clamp frame
150mm x 300mm
Cap Frames
67mm x 180mm
Sock Frames
Optional Extra
One point frames
Optional Extra

Happy Japan HCHP FAQs

How many heads and needles does the HCHP embroidery machine have?

The Happy Japan HCHP embroidery machine comes with a single head and 7 needles/colours. This makes it ideal for small-scale projects and designs with fewer colours.

What is the maximum speed of the HCHP embroidery machine?

The HCHP machine has a maximum speed of 1,000 s.p.m. (stitches per minute) for regular embroidery and 850 s.p.m. for cap embroidery. This speed is suitable for small businesses and hobbyists looking for a reliable machine.

What is the embroidery area of the HCHP machine?

The HCHP embroidery machine has an embroidery area of 285x290mm, allowing you to work on various projects, from clothing to accessories.

What kind of screen and control panel does the HCHP machine have?

The HCHP machine features a 7" colour LCD touch screen control panel, ensuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface for your embroidery projects.

What are the cap frame and wide cap frame dimensions?

The HCHP machine's cap frame measures 67x180mm, while the wide cap frame is 67x290mm. These sizes allow you to embroider a range of caps with different designs.

What are the dimensions and weight of the HCHP embroidery machine?

The HCHP machine's dimensions are 642mm x 745mm x 734mm, and it weighs 42kg. It's compact size and lightweight design make it a perfect fit for small spaces and easy transportation.

How much power does the HCHP machine consume, and what is the frequency?

The HCHP embroidery machine consumes 200w of power and operates at a frequency of 50/60hz. This makes it an energy-efficient option for your embroidery needs.

What are the connectivity options for the HCHP machine?

The HCHP machine offers a touch panel as standard, as well as USB & mouse, LAN & USB connectivity. These features ensure you can easily connect and transfer designs from your computer to the machine.

Does the HCHP machine have editing functions and a cross-type laser position marker?

Yes, the HCHP machine comes with standard editing functions in Happy LAN and a cross-type laser position marker. These features provide precise positioning and customisation for your embroidery projects.

Are there any optional extras for the HCHP machine?

The HCHP machine has an optional extra for one-point frames, allowing you to expand your embroidery capabilities even further.

Is there a built-in bobbin thread winder and barcode reader in the HCHP machine?

Yes, the HCHP machine includes a built-in bobbin thread winder and a standard barcode reader interface. These features make it a user-friendly and efficient embroidery machine for small businesses and hobbyists alike.

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